VyprVPN does not connect after restart

Every time I boot up my windows 10 laptop (it does not matter if it is restart, hibernation, or sleep) VyprVPN loads up and connects to a server and it says it is connected. However, I still do not have internet. I have to manually click disconnect then connect again. After that it works as expected. It used to be able to connect automatically after a restart so I wonder if it is something to do with a recent windows or vyprVPN software update. It is not a major issue but it annoys me that I have to connect manually each time I open my laptop. Any ideas what I could try to solve this problem?


Hello @Z_Fuki,

Thanks for reaching out to our support team!

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with VyprVPN connecting but not allowing you to browse when you restart or wake your computer. This is not normal behavior, we have seen a couple of other customers reporting this same issue and have found that adjusting the TAP adapter has shown better results. Can I have you let us know what TAP adapter you are currently using in VyprVPN by opening the application’s options then selecting the advanced tab? On this screen is a section for the TAP adapter. Let us know what is selected and try changing it to the other option and see if this trouble persists.

Also we have seen some success in resolving this issue by adjusting the Windows Power Settings.

In the Control Panel, under Hardware and Sound then Power Options, then System Settings is an option for “Turn on fast startup (recommended)”. We’ve seen some success for some customers by disabling this option in Windows. Can I have you try disabling that on your computer and let us know if the issue persists with this adjustment as well?

Last off, after having tried both of those, can I also have you send in a copy of your application logs from VyprVPN?

To do this, open up the VyprVPN application, then click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the app, then mouse-over Feedback. Then click “report a bug”. Next, enter in a short description of the issue and include “Attn: Justin” and make sure the “include application logs” check box at the bottom is ticked. Then click "report bug"Once that’s done, please let us know.


Golden Frog Support Team

Thank you for your help Justin, switching the Tap adapter from OpenVPN to VyprVPN solved the problem. Are there any disadvantages to using the VyprVPN Tap (as it is not the default option)? Or can I just continue to use it?

Thanks again!

Hey @Z_Fuki,

Glad to hear that it is working for you now! I’ll make sure to let Justin know.

There are no disadvantages to using the VyprVPN Tap and you can definitely continue to use it.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!


Golden Frog Support Team