VyprVPN for Windows Phone

Are you guys working on a client for Windows phone? I’m seriously thinking of buying a Windows phone, love the new 8.1 OS, and 10 is coming. I have a company supplied Android work phone, but I’m about to get a personal phone, probably the HTC One M8. I use VyprVPN on my home computers, sure would like to stay VyprVPN if I choose a Windows phone.

@Mark We are currently looking into developing the app for Windows phone, but do not have an ETA to provide for release. Feel free to vote for this idea on our Ideas page here: http://ideas.goldenfrog.com/forums/171209-golden-frog-ideas/suggestions/3726187-windows-phone-8-app-for-vyprvpn

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I would love to see this as well. I just switched to Windows Phone and it would be great to have VyprVPN available.

Hello there,

Is there any way we can manualy configure VPN for our Windows Phone devices?

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Hello Mortalink,

Sorry, but right now our VPN doesn’t support IKEv2 protocol, and that’s the only protocol that windows phone uses. Please check back however, as we may be implementing IKEv2 in the future as we mentioned above.

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I use also a Check Point VPN Client on my WP8.1 with IKEv1 - Check Point programmed an tiny App which allows me to use the correct settings… so IKEv1 should be prossible with WP8.1



Currently we only support the PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and the OpenVPN protocols when it comes to connecting to our VPN service. The only exception to that is we offer our proprietary Chameleon protocol within our VyprVPN app in addition to the other three protocols mentioned. As the Windows Phone OS doesn’t currently support these protocols and we don’t have a VyprVPN app for Windows Phone OS, you will not be connect to our VPN. However, our Development team is looking into supporting additional protocols, like IKEv2, that will allow customers to connect to the VPN from their Windows Phone.


Hi samuel, you are wrong about WP only supporting IKEv2 protocol as it already by default supports L2TP with IPSec!

You can read more here:

I tried connecting to your Frankfurt server with L2TP but the connection was unsuccessful, I got a “809” error. What could be the case here?

Hello @enerhid,

Thank you for providing that link. That link does indicate that Windows Phone now supports IKEv2 and L2TP/IPsec VPN connections. Error 809 is a general connection failure error meaning a response wasn’t received from the VPN server. This is most commonly due to a firewall and/or other security software on the device and/or the network that is blocking the VPN connection or an incorrect VPN setup. While we do not officially support Windows Phone OS at this time, our Support Team would be glad to provide you with limited troubleshooting and verifying your setup is correct. You may contact our Support Team at


Although we don’t currently support Windows Phone OS, we are currently working on implementing and supporting the IKEv2 protocol, which the Windows Phone OS can use.