VyprVPN is blocking my print jobs

When VyprVPN is running, print jobs to my LAN printer are blocked until I disconnect from the VPN server.

Hey @Stryker.One,

If you are attempting to print wirelessly, the LAN might not recognize the local machine with the VPN enabled. You may wish to try disabling the NAT Firewall briefly to see if that helps.


Support Staff

Tried that, no change.

I have an Epson WF-3640 Blurry Printing machine and I have the same problem. VyprVPN is blocking my print jobs. I don’t know how to fix it up. If anyone knows the reason tell me.

Hello @julianfarnandez5

Sorry to hear that you are having issues printing when connected to VyprVPN. By default the printer will not connect to a device that is on a VPN. The reason for this is simple. The printer requires communication between it and the other devices on the same network. If it cannot speak to those devices then there is no way to command it. When you have connected your computer to the VPN it and the printer are effectively on two separate networks and can no longer talk to each other.

If you have a compatible router, you can set it up so it shares its VPN with all the devices connected to it. And that keeps it within the same network.


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This is a very common issue with many VPNs. You have to use a VPN that does not block print jobs. I used a VPN and I was getting brother wireless printer offline windows 10 error. Then I changed the VPN and it started working properly. You can try it as well. It might work.