VyprVPN not responding to ping resquests

Starting March 5th local, the latest desktop version of VyprVPN doesn’t respond to ping requests inside China. Tested this on 2 different computers (1 desktop, 1 laptop) in 2 different provinces/cities in China. Automatic troubleshooting (256 bit L2TP/Open/Chameleon) doesn’t work and neither does sending a support ticket since that channel is blocked anyway without a VPN connection.

Strangely, this doesn’t seem to affect the mobile app on Android devices as I wouldn’t be able to post this.

Hello @p0ji,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having this trouble!

Can I have you try logging out and then back into the application using these steps?

  1. Click the Gear cog icon towards the top-right side of the app window and choose “Options.”
  2. Click the “Account” tab.
  3. Click “Log Out.”
  4. You can now log back into the application.

If this issue persists after these steps can you send us a copy of the log files manually to our support email address of support@goldenfrog.com

You can locate the logs at these locations on your computer:
○ VyprVPN UI Log: [%LocalAppData%\Golden Frog, GMBH\VyprVPN\Logs\VyprVPN.log]
○ VyprVPN Service Log: [%ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GMBH\VyprVPN\Logs\VyprVPNService.log]
○ VyprVPN Connection Log: [%ProgramData%\Golden Frog, GMBH\VyprVPN\Logs\VyprVPNConnection.log]

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve also contacted support about this.

Seems a fresh reinstall did the job for me. Server pings are displayed again, but flags are messed up. lol