VyprVPN on Android ... incompatibilities?

Using on an Amazon FireStick 4K. Currently using BeastTV with no problems, but I want to switch to IPTV Smarters because the BeastTV channel coverage has changed. But I am finding that IPTV Smarters doesn’t work at all when VyprVPN is enabled. I have also found the same behaviour with OTT, but BeastTV continues to work fine. I have tried all 3 protocols but the same result. Any idea what is causing this?

HI @Talos2000 Please make sure you have VyprDNS enabled and follow these geo steps for unsupported streaming services which might be helpful https://support.vyprvpn.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037728392-Trouble-Accessing-Geographically-Restricted-Streaming-Services