VyprVPN on Anonabox dns leak

I have an anonabox and use my vyprvpn account on it. This acts as a secondary router on my network exclusively for vpn access. when connected to the wifi on anonabox it fails a dns leak test thus I cannot access most geo restricted content. When using the vpn on my Mac using the vyprvpn app it connects greats and there is no dns leak. Is this because anonabox uses openvpn and not the chameleon? are there any plans to implement this in the anonabox?

Hello, @DamianWarS

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We set up VyprDNS in such a way that prevents our customer’s DNS queries from being associated with their activity on VyprVPN. Doing this prevents organizations that restrict DNS from putting blocks in place for our users. This is done using a DNS relay system. Sites like dnsleaktest.com will see the last server in the DNS relay chain, which typically does not identify itself with Golden Frog services. This is good because customer DNS is not identified as coming from VyprVPN, which is the intended goal.

The hostnames associated with those last server DNS IPs are not typically within our control, so we normally cannot change them. That’s why you are seeing IPs associated with EDIS, etc… This discrepancy is the unfortunate result of improper reverse DNS information outside of our control.

DNS leak test sites make the faulty assumption that the DNS server to which the end-user makes the request is the actual DNS server from which the leak test will see the request, which is not how it works with VyprDNS, specifically because we don’t want leak test servers seeing the request come from VyprVPN.

We go to great lengths to ensure all data sent over our network stays between Golden Frog and the customer. Our specific configuration of VyprDNS is just one of the ways we protect your data.

In regards to the issue you are experiencing with geo-restricted content, there are likely different factors coming into play. There are several steps you can take that may fix this issue. If you are interested in troubleshooting, see our help center article: https://support.goldenfrog.biz/hc/en-us/articles/205938498

Thanks for your time!

Golden Frog Technical Support

thank you for your prompt reply. the issue I’m having is unique with the anonabox using vyprvpn. If I use the vyprvpn app for a computer/tablet/phone then it connects and I can access geo-restricted sites typically with no issues. however using the wifi of the anonabox that is connected to vyprvpn gets a privacy error on chrome and it refuses the connection (on https). The steps in the link you provided doesn’t correct the issue. I am using the anonabox tunneler so I’m not using the TOR network. Does anonabox use vyprdns?


Thank you for your reply. I am sorry you are still having issues accessing geo-restricted content. It is possible your Anonobox uses location services that are beyond our control. So there is little we can do to rectify this issue for you. Please note, while many of our customers do use our service to access sites like these, we cannot offer any guarantee that these sites will work due to many of these different variables.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!

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