VyprVPN on Chromebook?

My son was going to London at the end of April, so I passed up several other less expensive VPN products and chose Vyper because of the PCMagazine article that specifically recommended it (http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2470160,00.asp). Using his Chromebook, I tested the connection to the London VPN from my home network and it worked fine. Now he’s in London and cannot connect. I also tried connecting to London using my Chromebook from the US and get the same “cannot connect” error message.

I contacted support and was told that since Chromebook uses L2TP security it is harder to get a connection to work if you cannot control the network because some open networks block ports and L2TP security does not handle changing ports. My question: if I had control of the network, why would I need a VPN? Vyper should not be marketed as working on Chromebook if it does not work on an open WIFI network (i.e. that you can’t control). I thought the entire point of a VPN was to be able to securely connect to an open WIFI network. If Vyper does not work on a Chromebook, then do not advertise it that way.

When I asked why his iPhone5 was unable to connect either I was told iOS uses L2TP security as well. Is there somewhere in the documentation that indicated this? I feel like I’ve been mislead into buying something that does not work.


Thank you for reaching out to us! I understand the issues that you and your son are experiencing and know they can be frustrating, but hopefully we can find a solution that works for you.

Connecting to a VPN requires the LAN/WAN interface to allow communication over certain ports and firewall rules. It is not very common but completely possible that certain open WiFi networks can restrict communication over ports used for L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and other VPN methods. In short, just because it can work on a certain OS does not mean that it can work with every network that you connect from, without some adjustments made to the network. The network environment is just as important as the client OS setup with regards to VPN connectivity.

The network interface of Chromebooks is not very robust. I’m going to be doing some testing on our in-house Chromebook to determine if any other connection types might be viable. I will update this post tomorrow.

Also, we do state in our documentation that iOS utilizes IPSec here: https://support.goldenfrog.com/hc/en-us/articles/203977943-Which-VPN-Protocol-am-I-using-

We are limited to using that protocol for the app due to Apple’s review, but we do offer setups for PPTP and OpenVPN as well.
PPTP: https://support.goldenfrog.com/hc/en-us/articles/204088383-PPTP
OpenVPN: https://support.goldenfrog.com/hc/en-us/articles/203815486-OpenVPN-OpenVPN-App

I would also recommend having your son contact us via our support form here: https://www.goldenfrog.com/contact-support so that we can get a better idea of the network environment he is currently trying to connect from and also troubleshoot his connection issues at the account level as well.

I’ll also dig in with Chromebook to see if OpenVPN connections are possible and update this post tomorrow.

Thank you!
Golden Frog Support

Hello Keegan,

Thank you for taking time to reply - I can appreciate that the VPN may not work on all router configurations, that’s understandable. I have forwarded the Apple configuration setups to my son and will see if he can get it working. As far as having him contact support, does he have to log into the Golden Frog account or his email in order to do that? If so I would think that could potentially compromise the account if he is doing it on an unsecured connection. If you can trouble shoot it without having him log into the account or his email (same reason) that would be great.

One of my frustrations is dealing with support: my first attempt was when I tried adding multiple connections as shown in the PC Magazine article and I kept getting disconnected on the Washington site. They said it was because you shouldn’t have multiple connections set up - which runs contrary to what was shown in the article. I suspect the problem was with the network or the site itself. Eventually I was able to create multiple connections on my Chromebook and have not had a problem switching between them.

Yesterday when I tried to connect to the London server, I kept getting a connect failed message and when I asked via the chat window if the site was having problems, the answer I received was that London was far away and a connection is harder to get because it takes a longer time. Again, I’m dubious as to that answer, and eventually was able to connect to the London server on my Chromebook, my Android phone and my wife’s 5c and play video on all of them. I also tried VPNs in several other countries and the response was excellent with no connection failed issues.

I appreciate your taking a deeper look into the VPN / Chromebook situation, and if we can’t get his phone or notebook working, then I will just have him try a different tool. I have used Vypr since last week when we started the free trial and it seemed to work fine for my chromeook and phone here in the US, but after my son’s experiences overseas and mine with the support folks (excluding you), I was getting irritated.

Thanks for your assistance

Thank you for your reply, @s11.

I did some testing this morning and experienced the same issue you are experiencing on the Chromebook. Upon further investigation, it looks like there was a modification that was needed on our end in order to correct the issue. I can now successfully connect on my Chromebook to multiple server locations. Please test again at your convenience and let me know if you have further trouble.

The best way for us to try and solve customer issues is to have the affected user contact us directly, either via live chat on our site or by using our contact form. In this situation, it is unlikely your son would need to log into his Golden Frog account to troubleshoot. However, it is possible he would need to access email should the issue be moved into ticket format from chat, for example. Troubleshooting by proxy is not ideal, as you can imagine. Your concerns about his email and account access while off the VPN are understandable. However, we have customers in China contact us every day for assistance while disconnected from the VPN. The choice to contact us without the protection of a VPN would be a personal one.

With regard to multiple connections - you can connect simultaneously up to your plan level’s provisioned amount. I am not sure what account level you have. If you’d like some clarification on your plan options, please send me a PM here with your account email address so I can locate your account. The VyprVPN Basic plan allots for a single connection active at any one time, the Pro plan allows 2 simultaneous connections, and the Premier plan allows for 3.

We did have some trouble related to connection failures with our London server early yesterday. That has since been resolved. While latency increases with geographic distance, I don’t believe the sole cause of the issue was purely how far away you are from the server location in that case.

I would be interested to know if the Chromebook issue has cleared up for you and/or your son. Also, if the trouble on iOS continues for him, please let us know. Again, the preferred method would be for him to contact us directly.

Thank you for your efforts in this matter. I look forward to your reply.

Golden Frog Support

Hi Nick

Thanks for the update - I have not been in touch with my son yet today (UK is 5 hrs ahead) so do not know if he has tried connecting again. I will let you know when I do and if the issue(s) (Chromebook & IOS) still exist, I will have him contact support directly.

As far as the connections issue, what I was doing was creating multiple connection entries in my chromebook profile, not actually connecting to more than one. I thought he was telling me was that I could not do that, which seemed unreasonable as I have done it with other VPN tools.

Thank you also for the confirmation that there were issues with the London server - it would be nice if issues were posted to the website so if someone was having issues they could check there first before pinging support.

Thanks again

Hello @s11,

Thank you for your reply, and we hope to hear if your son’s connection issue with his has been resolved. You are correct in that creating multiple connection entries in your Chromebook profile is fine, all that Nick was attempting to explain is that you can only make as many connections to our service as your account level allows. To reiterate the VyprVPN Basic plan allots for a single connection active at any one time, the Pro plan allows 2 simultaneous connections, and the Premier plan allows for 3.

In regards to posting a front-end message for customer affecting issues, we do attempt to catch and solve service issues as soon as possible so that there is no effect on the customer end. The issue Nick mentioned with the London server authentication was very minor and not widely impacting. It is not common for us to have an issue that impacts service for very long. In the case that there is a wide-scale service impacting event, we do post front-end messages to our chat client and may also post it to the forum if we believe it will assist customers.

Thank you so much for your time and understanding in this matter, and we hope to hear if there are further issues!

Golden Frog Support

I was finally able to make connections with my son. Since he is a student they are traveling during the day so hard to catch up. I used Chrome Remote Desktop to connect to his Chromebook; at first I could not connect because I kept timing out so I logged on to the London server and then was able to make a successful connection to his machine.

I tried several times to get his machine to connect to the london server - uk1.vpn.goldenfrog.com. It kept trying and then saying connect failed. He already had Miami configured (his flight was through Atlanta so was closest for that part of the trip) and that would not work. I also added Dublin and it would not connect either.

I took screen shots of the connection, network and proxy tabs for the network configuration. Is there someway I could email these to you to see if that may be part of the problem?

Due to his schedule I’m not sure when he would be able to contact support - but I can try to pin down a day and time that he might have 30 minutes.

Please let me know if the screen prints will help and how to get them to you.


Hello @s11,

Yes, please send the screenshots to support@goldenfrog.com. Also, if possible get your son’s current IP address from https://www.goldenfrog.com/whatismyipaddress to provide as well.

It sounds like he is not using the same network very often while traveling and there is some latency concerns with your inability to remote in without using our London server. This can cause some issues with being able to adequately troubleshoot the connection issue. However, we will do our best to assist. Thank you for your understanding!

Golden Frog Support

Screenshots have been forwarded. The second picture shows an IP, subnet mask and gateway, and I just noticed the 3rd one shows an automatic proxy configuration which could be part of the problem I’m guessing.

He is using the same network everyday in the hotel in which they’re staying. They travel around the city during the day and come back in the evening. I will post the above comments to the forum post to keep everything tied together.

thanks again for your help!

THANK YOU, CODY! The OpenVPN set up appears to work on his Chromebook and a new profile was pushed to his iPhone and he is now able to connect using both devices…

I appreciate all the efforts that you, Wes, Nick B, Kelton, Keegan, Lee N, put into getting this resolved!!