VyprVPN on Vulr VPS


Please excuse my ignorance, however i want to be able to install VyprVPN Cloud (Server) on a VPS hosted with Vultr. I have about $160 credit with them which means i could run a server for about 2 years with that credit. Dont want to have to spend that again with digital ocean.

Is it possible? Seems like it will run on Ubnutu which Vultr supports. Some assistance would be great.

Hey @joel006!

We don’t support that provider right now, so I can’t offer any guarantee it’ll work. That said, it looks like they allow for startup scripts when deploying. You may be able to leverage our cloud-init script there and have it install.

For brevity: https://www.goldenfrog.biz/downloads/vyprvpn/server/cloud-init.txt

If you get it working, please let me know!

Golden Frog Support

Unfortunately does not seem to work. Would be a great system to get it working since there are endless possibilites with Vultr. Quite a large number of websites running via WHMCS are able to onsell their VPS. This will allow for another stream of revenue for a lot of small hosting business as well as new subscriptions to VyprVPN.

I was hoping someone here had some experience and could point out where i am going wrong, or alternatively, offer a way to install it via SSH? Maybe even get one of the staff to have a look?

Hello, @joel006

I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to get it working. We do very much appreciate your feedback, however!

I would suggest submitting your suggestion to support Vultr here:


Other users will be able to see and upvote on the suggestion to gain traction.

Golden Frog Technical Support