VyprVPN privacy (iOS and more)

Hi there

Why do you collect so much data through the iOS app? Why do you use a third party forum software? Why is there Google tracking on this website?
I thought you were a privacy company. It seems like this is not really the case.

I am hoping for a clear statement concerning all privacy related questions!

All you need to do is look at their data collection policy and it speaks for itself.
If law enforcement wants your info they retain it for a month.
I don’t have anything to hide , but if you do companies like Nord or Express won’t retain info on you , thus nothing to give if you’re a crook.
I have taken a hit from Golden Frog and am not using it any more because of their clunky app that they refuse or won’t pay developers to fix it , and this has gone on for too long .

Well thank you very much for coming out this clear.
What has my interest in privacy to do with a (your) suspicion that I am or might be a crook? I thought that I opted for a no log & privacy respecting vpn service but it all seems different. While the service is working not too bad for me I do not see why I should renew my subscription the next time… this is really sad.

What vpn have you chosen trojankiller?

No accusations only facts . I am trying PIA (30 day refund policy) their app works very well and the speeds are alright ,No logs policy and no record of data relinquished to law enforcement . I tried torguard and their macOS app is very good and they claim not to retain data but no proof of that ( I was impressed that they allow firewall control ) and they have a great stealth proxy .
What I really didn’t like was their ios app was very hard to configure. I may go back to torguard very fast vpn and apparently if you torrent this is where they excel . I had Express and they are highly recommended but are very expensive. Nords app is very clunky but no data retention and they are based in panama .