VyprVPN Router App - Auto Connect on Startup - Local or non Google Fonts - China


I am currently Testing the VyprVPN Router App on Tomato in China.

Its working really well - although locations are having problems and I have two suggestions.

  1. Would it be possible to create an auto-connect on startup feature for the Vypr Router App?

  2. Google Services are blocked in China, when the Vypr Interface opens while VPN is disconnected it takes forever to try to load some fonts from fonts.googleapis.com - I would suggest hosting those on the router with the app itself or loading from Github or something that is not blocked.

Let me know if you need more info

Thanks for the suggestions, @dieskim!

Please ensure you have submitted your vote on the Ideas page for your first suggestion. I have brought the second suggestion up with our dev team for consideration.

Golden Frog Support


for auto-connect, see here:

Hey guys, Here is a VyprVPN Connection WATCHDOG script I created to Auto Connect on Startup and Reconnect and check the Connection every 90 Seconds - and then Reconnect if needed