VyprVPN Router App working good here!

Just wanted to take the time and thank the creators of the VyprVPN App product for a job well done. After some work and configuring I now have the App installed on my router and so far I am very pleased with the performance and features.

I purchased a Linksys E3200 from Ebay for $30 and was able to flash the Tomato firmware and install the VyprVPN Router App easily, basically it works with most of the default settings unchanged.

The product works well as is, but some items I would not mind being added in the future would be the ability to bypass or include the VPN connection for each device on a per application or service basis. I think the ability to install the Tomato with VyprVPN App on an x86 (Computer) would help to increase the performance, decrease the cost and increase the hardware longevity for the end user. I’ll watch the list of supported routers for additions.

Can anyone recommend a supported router from the list that might perform better than the E3200 Linksys router?


Hello @myke!

I am glad to hear you are enjoying the VyprVPN Router App! I passed along your feedback to the Development team. They certainly appreciate it.

Your feature requests have been passed along as well. Those are some good ideas. Feel free to add them to our Ideas page as well, which is regularly reviewed by our app teams and management.

I run the app on an E3200 myself as well and understand the desire for something a bit more robust. I can’t provide a specific make and model for you, but a router with a higher-powered CPU may yield increased speeds/performance. Anything that can be flashed with K26RT-N, K26RT-AC, or K26ARM builds of Tomato will work. We continue to test and investigate other routers that may offer increased performance on our end.

Golden Frog Support

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Thank you for the reply, I would love to one day have a nice Alix router with pfsense or smoothwall running on it, to have access to all the additional tools and features either of those options has to offer. Like a kid in a candy store, I’m sure allot of long time supporters of these projects would enjoy the volume of people VyprVPN could bring to the table. Possibly either of these teams could help the VyprVPN team get it working from their end, I’m sure it would be mutually beneficial to everyone. Possibly even NetGate could help provide the correct back end information.


I read this post and I understand, but one query is left, I have a Linksys ea7500 Linksys Router Keeps Dropping internet connection after installing VyprVPN App, support me to solve this issue.

Hello @geowills!

Welcome to the community! In order to better assist you, please contact our support team at https://support.goldenfrog.com/ so we can look into this issue for you.