VyprVPN Server Released!

We recently published an update to our VyprVPN for iOS which broke connectivity to our VyprVPN Server product. This definitely did not make us happy, and we are very sorry for the trouble this caused any and all of you.

I’m excited to announce VyprVPN Server which fixes this problem. New server installations and upgrades are available with this fix.

For VirtualBox users, the links have been updated on the VirtualBox Support page.

Thank you!

What about a VirtualBox deployment?


That’s a good question. We have some changes/fixes coming in our 0.12 for the VirtualBox configuration and so I didn’t build it for I just started a build of a new VirtualBox image and will post it once it’s complete.


Ok great. Just checking.

The VirtualBox page was updated yesterday to have the new links – I apparently got distracted and failed to post the edit and this notice! My apologies!


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