VyprVPN Server + Mac app download speed stats bug

I am running VyprVPN Server and Mac app It seems that when connected to VyprVPN server, download stats counter and graph is not working properly. There is no problem with upload speeds which are measured properly it seems. Only download speed stats are affected.


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Can you elaborate more on the issue you are experiencing with the speed graph, is the download speeds not reporting at all or is it reporting speeds incorrectly?

Are you only noticing this while on your personal server deployment or on our server locations?

Is this issue only present while using the Mac application or have you seen it with an alternate device as well?

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Thanks for prompt response @Dustin,

  1. Speed graph is reporting the speeds incorrectly for download speed, uploading is okay.
  2. This issue can be observed on personal server deployed at Digital Ocean using VyprVPN Server. VyprVPN default servers are reporting properly.
  3. I have just checked and exactly the same issue happens with Tunnelblick, where download speeds are not properly reported, while uploading speeds stats are working properly. Strange, I have never seen such issue before.

Where do you think this is coming from? VyprVPN Server perhaps? I have followed the guide from your website with the only exception of choosing Ubuntu x64 instead of x64 as per your tutorial (since it was not available on Digital Ocean website).

Is there any update regarding this issue? Were you able to reproduce it on your side?

Hello @dxb,

We do apologize for the delay in our response! I have reached out to you via our email support channel so that we may gather more information regarding the issue and be able to assist you in the most efficient manner possible. Please be on the lookout for an email from support@goldenfrog.com!

Thank you for your patience in this matter.

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