VyprVPN Service Update: Connection Restored For China Customers Using VyprVPN for Windows

The VyprVPN Technology team has been hard at work addressing the new blocking techniques implemented by the Great Firewall. We are happy to report that we have just restored our service on the VyprVPN Windows App. We are working now on restoring the connection on the remaining VyprVPN Apps.
Our team will be working in full capacity to monitor the performance of this solution and to guarantee full access to all VyprVPN users in China.
You can access the VyprVPN service immediately on our Windows App using the Chameleon protocol. For more details, please follow the below steps:

1- Download VyprVPN Windows App and sign-in using your account credentials. You can download the Windows app here.
2- Activate the Chameleon Protocol following the steps highlighted here.
3- Connect using Fastest Server

We appreciate your patience while we resolve this matter and we thank you for being a loyal VyprVPN customer.


VyprVPN技术团队一直在努力解决防火墙实施的新的封锁技术。我们很高兴地报告,我们刚刚恢复了VyprVPN Windows应用程序上的服务。我们现在正在努力恢复剩余的VyprVPN应用程序上的连接。
您可以使用Chameleon协议立即在我们的Windows应用程序上访问VyprVPN服务。 有关详细信息,请按以下步骤操作:

1-下载VyprVPN Windows应用程序并使用您的帐户信息登录。 您可以使用以下链接下载Windows应用程序.


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