VyprVPN Service Update: Connection Restored For Our Customers Within China | VyprVPN服务更新:为中国客户恢复连接

We are happy to report that we have restored VyprVPN for all applications (Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS). VyprVPN users can now connect successfully to our service from China using the Chameleon Protocol on Windows, Mac and Android. For iOS please use IKEv2.

We are grateful for your patience. We are committed to fighting against censorship, and to ensure success in our efforts, we have put our focus on developing a new technology solution for our Chinese users. We will keep you posted on our progress as we introduce a technology that can continue to support a free and open internet in China.

If you face any issues connecting to VyprVPN Apps, please respond directly to this email and our support team will assist you as soon as possible.


我们很高兴地报告,我们已经为所有应用程序(Android,iOS,Windows和MacOS)恢复了VyprVPN。 VyprVPN用户现在可以使用Windows,Mac和Android上的变色龙协议成功连接到中国的服务。 对于iOS,请使用IKEv2协议。

我们感谢您的耐心等待。 我们致力于反对审查制度,为确保我们的努力取得成功,我们将重点放在为中国用户开发新技术解决方案上。 随着我们开发可以继续支持中国自由开放互联网的技术,我们将随时向您发布进展情况。