VyprVPN Service Update Regarding Service Within China

During the latter part of last year and early this year it became apparent that our current processes for serving our customers in China needed an overhaul. The methods employed by the Chinese government to block our service had become more advanced. We needed a new strategy as it was apparent that this fight was not going to let up and we needed a more long-term solution. Over the past couple of months, we have been working on revamping our obfuscation methods to better serve our customers in China and other regions of the world that are subject to censorship. Our development and operations teams have been heads down working on updating the applications to support these changes. We hope to have the updates out to customers on all 4 major platforms soon.

Until then, our teams are still utilizing our old methods to keep our service up the best we can. We urge all of our customers in China to use the Chameleon protocol on Android, Windows, and MacOS whenever possible. For customers using our iOS app, IKEv2 works intermittently. This means that customers will sometimes need to reconnect if the service is blocked while they are using it. For further information regarding our future plans for the VyprVPN service in China, visit The Future of Our Fight Against Chinese Censorship.


在那之前,我们的团队仍在使用我们的旧方法来尽我们所能地保持我们的服务。 我们敦促中国的所有客户尽可能在Android,Windows和MacOS上使用变色龙协议。 对于IOS用户,IKEv2有时只能提供间歇性的服务。这意味着如果服务在使用时被阻止,用户需要重新连接。请访问 在这里 。有关我们未来中国VyprVPN服务计划的更多信息,请访问我们打击中国审查的未来