VyprVPN with SSH Manager?

Hi together,

i am using at the moment an other company for VPN, but i want to cancel my contract there and move to another VPN Service.
Now my Question.
I use at the moment a SSH-Manager, where i opened several IPs for different Ports.
For example:
IP 1 = Port 1
IP 2 = Port 2
IP 3 = Port 3

With Proxifier i root my Apps to the different IPs to get different IPs.
All in all i need 30 different IPs which i can hold always stable with a SSH Manager.

Is it possible to do this with VyprVPN?
I want to go sure before i will buy it.

Thanks a lot for your help

Hello @mafare

We are glad to hear of your interest in our service!

Unfortunately, the configuration you need is not something that we provide with our service. We issue one dynamic IP to you each time you connect and the max amount of devices that can be connected to our VPN is 5 devices.

Let us know if you have any other questions for us.