Vyprvpnservice using 100% of one processor

Can confirm this is happening again, whether the app is open or closed “vyprvpnservice” is using ~180% of CPU. The Vypr app is closed and not connected. Using the latest version of Vypr (not beta) on OSX (latest updates applied).

Hey @Gareth,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I created a support request for you and reached out to you requesting some information on ticket #3296872. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

Customer Support

I’m having the same problem, often the vyprvpnservice will get up to 200% CPU on my MBP. It seems to be something about sleeping and waking the Mac or something like that. I’m just going to uninstall Vypr until that problem is fixed because it’s a nightmare battery drain when I don’t notice it.

Please let me know how to retrieve a detailed log if that’s what you need before I uninstall.

Hello @mattonlife,

We’re sorry to hear about the trouble there. To send you logs for support, please open the VyprVPN application, then click Help on the menu bar at the top, then hover over Feedback, then click “Report a Problem”. On the next window please make sure the “Include Application Logs” checkbox is ticked, then click Report Bug.


When your system is idle at night and then when you start to work on the vyprvpn and it is not working then you have to kill the process then there is some problem in it so contact iTunes support

The content of the topic is good and interesting. The processor always an important part of a system. I want to add something with this, I am using a canon mg2922 printer with a Mac processor but when I am going to print something then an error occurs and the error is “Your processor doesn’t compatible for print”