WannaCry SMB requests when connected to VyprVPN

Howdy all,

As the title suggests, I’m receiving many SMB requests from a number of IP addresses when connected to VyprVPN (nsacve-2017-0144_EternalBlue). These requests do not occur when I’m disconnected to the VPN but still online, but occur regardless of the server I’m connected to. I’m not sure whether I should be concerned but it is, at the least, a nuisance as my antivirus alerts me of the SMB requests every few hours (generally in groups of 4). Was wondering if something could be done about this or any advice could be imparted - I am up to date with Windows Update, with current antivirus but it is a worry nonetheless.


Hey @EdCliche,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I reached out to you via our email support channel (ticket # 2038672) so we can take a closer look.

Feel free to reply to the email at your earliest convenience.

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