What happened to my account

I got a notification saying “Your Golden Frog email address has changed. If you didn’t make this change, please contact support: https://www.goldenfrog.com/contact-support”.

However I didn’t do anything to my account, and now I can’t log in your website. I also sent an message to your Support (request No. 4264757), but your Support only gives an automatic reply which is not helpful.

How do I get my account back?

What I paid is the VyprVPN subscription, and it hasn’t expired yet.


Looking up the ticket number, the attached account is a newly created account without any services so that would account for the nature of the response as that is a common contact category. But we’re both aware that isn’t going to help much with what you’re asking for!

Please check your email as there’s a new message sent with requests for information that will help us locate the account and help you out. Go ahead and directly reply to that email and we should be good to get the ball rolling.


Same thing happened to me, ticket number 4266146 :frowning:

Hi, we just reached out to you via email as well!