What's up with VyprVPN on iOS 8? (updated)

VyprVPN now supports iOS 8!


I’ve followed the manual setup x 3 now, and still receive a “Authentication Failed” error message on my iPhone 4S.

The same account name and password are used on my MacBook Pro (10.9.5) running VyprVPN successfully.

Has an additional problem been introduced with the iOS 8.0.2 release that breaks even manual configuration?


@walnut You mentioned a manual setup. Do you prefer connecting that way? Have you installed the latest version of VyprVPN, which is iOS 8 compatible? It was just released yesterday and is available in the Apple app store. If you have not, please do and let me know if you continue to have trouble logging in.

Golden Frog Support Team

I did install the updated IOS8 but it will not disguise my ip. It connects but only to my present location.the update is terrific in that I can now login and out manually as I did not it could be done automatically.

In installing the updated VyprVPN app on an iPhone 5s, I found that I had to remove the manual configuration from Settings. According to the GoldenFrog control panel, I was logged in as 2 devices without doing so. The new app seems to be working correctly.

Fast way to check your ip is to go to www.infosniper.net in Safari - good luck!


Problem solved. Works like a charm thanks

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@wftw4haiti I am glad to hear you are up and running now!

@bbcoler Thank you for chiming in! It’s awesome to see VyprVPN users working together!

Golden Frog Support Team

Just installed the update for iOS 8. When it installs the trusted certificates it informs me that it is installing (2) certificates. The first is digitally signed. The second says it is NOT a signed certificate. Is this as it should be? At this point I have some trepidations about installing a non-signed certificate for a secure VPN.


@styx We are working with Apple to have the profile show as ‘signed,’ as it should be showing as such already. I don’t have an estimated time to provide for the change, but it is a priority for us. If you have security concerns around this, rest-assured it is a valid, safe profile to install and is necessary for the app to function.

Golden Frog Support

Thanks for the reply… Installed the new iOS app with the non-signed digital certificate. It works nicely… Actually faster and visually more informative than the prior version. I will keep an eye out for a new version. I would still prefer one where all of the certificates are listed as signed. If you could… Would you post when this has been resolved. I will receive a notification when you do and can delete/reinstall the updated app.

Thanks again!

@styx I am glad to hear you are enjoying the app! Yes, I will update this post when the certificate shows as signed.

Golden Frog Support

@styx We discussed this with Apple and determined that this is expected behavior for that particular certificate. It is locally generated and not downloaded from the internet, so it is guaranteed that our app created it and it did not come from anywhere else. This should alleviate any security concerns you have. The signing process does not apply to that type of profile for our app, so it shows as ‘unsigned.’

Let me know if you have further questions.

Golden Frog Support

Thanks for the update… :smile:

Major downfall. Restored my IPad and lost the vyprvpn update and can’t find it either in the apps store or online. Unfortunately after I installed it I deleted it. Any suggestions? Fred

@wftw4haiti If you have access to the App Store on the iOS device, it should be searchable. Are you not finding it? Do you have access to other apps?

Direct URL for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vyprvpn/id577635689?mt=8