When someone has an issue, what happens? How was it resolved?


As much as I enjoy working with these fora and - when possible - try to help, there is one thing that REALLY ANNOYS ME about answers on these fora:

  • Someone has a problem and reaches out for help on these fora.
  • Perhaps even others weigh-in with the same issue.

The answer is always the same: “Open a support ticket at [insert URL]”
Or, perhaps even: “I’ve opened a support ticket about this issue, please check your e-mail.”

And then. . . . . The topic goes dead.  Click!  “Sorry, that number is no longer in service. . .”

Nothing else is ever posted. . . .

There are times when I am gritting my teeth wishing I could STRANGLE someone because I’m having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM! - and the answer should be right there at my fingertips, or at least a possible answer I could try before opening a support ticket for an issue that has already been addressed twenty times before.

Please forgive my angst - but I know what being in a tech-support role is like and I am totally aware how many of the trouble tickets entered are for things like  “Did you turn your computer on?”  “Sorry, this doesn’t work in an IBM mainframe / Atari ST / Digital VAX / [insert name of system]”  “Um. . . You have to run the installer before it will work.”  “(cough! cough!) This isn’t a free service, you need to pay for a subscription.” etc. etc. etc.  It frustrates me no end to have to repeat the same problem after twenty other people posted with it.

If I could beg, plead, genuflect, burn brown rice and sacrifice small rodents, or do anything else to beg something from you, it would be for you to complete the posting with whatever tests were done and what the ultimate solution was.  Isn’t that what these fora are for?  So that we can learn from those who have gone before, made the mistakes or discovered a problem, and learn from their experience?

Please?  Help us not have to submit tickets for things that have been done before, OK?


Jim  “JR”

Hello @jharris1993,

Thank you for notifying us of your concern. I fully acknowledge that we fall short when it comes to completing the loop by following up in the forum post for an issue with the solution for the issue so as to benefit other customers who are experiencing the same issue. I will work with my team to improve this process.

Best Regards,
Golden Frog Support
Team Manager

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Please, please, pretty-please make it so.

Jim “JR”