When using 'manage connection behavior on a per-app basis' email and browsers won't connect

I was having a problem with VyperVPN not loading, just spinning on starting screen, and based on passed experience and other issues, I decided to wipe my hard drive and reinstall macOS, then restore from backup. At first VyperVPN wouldn’t allow connections when using the setting to manage connections behavior per app was checked for apps set to bypass vpn. So I uninstalled the app, restarted, reinstalled the app. At first it seemed to work fine. Then after dinner I checked on it and my email and browsers wouldn’t connect. I tried to disconnect but it wouldn’t do anything. I tried to quit the app and it wouldn’t quit. I force quit the app but other apps still wouldn’t connect. I force quit vypervpn and other apps still wouldn’t connect. I restarted my iMac and then connected vpn and other apps wouldn’t connect. I unchecked the option to manage connection behavior on a per app basis and email and browsers would then connect just fine. Any ideas on how to get the per app bypass vpn setting to work?

Hello @zenjim

I see that you have a ticket for this issue, Ticket #3891329.

We will correspond to you via the existing ticket shortly.