Which Tomato Version?

I’m a newb with the router app and when downloading it I came across two versions but the documentation didn’t mention this. Which one should I be installing?

@jdouglas - Either should work, but I would go ahead and use the VPN build.


Are we still staying away from the “multiwan” files?

For the best stability, I would recommend using the 138 multiwan build, but you will lose “Per Device VPN” Bypass VPN functionality.

The 132 pre-multiwan build may work, and you’d have full functionality, but you may experience trouble installing it. I’ve had mixed experiences with that build. Unfortunately I’ve never been able to test it on the R7000 myself.

Let me know it goes! You can always try 132 first, then 138 if you experience issues with 132.

I installed the 138 AIO before this original post and so far VyperVPN seems to run fine. But am I ok to stick with AIO or should i switch to the VPN firmware version?

If AIO (All-in-one) works well for you, no need to futz with it :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks a lot!