Wifi connection lost when VyprVPN is connected


I’ve recently installed VyprVPN on my router. It works great. I can watch everything I want on my Apple TV. The problem is that I lose wifi connection as soon as I turn on VyprVPN on the router (
This issue does not occured with the desktop app.

What can I do to fix this issue?

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Hello, @reno

I’m sorry to hear of the trouble! That certainly is a strange issue.

Just to clarify – are you using the VyprVPN router app for Tomato, or do you have the VPN manually configured? If so, which firmware are you running the VPN over?

Golden Frog Technical Support

I had not seen your answer! Sorry for the time delay.

I’m using the VYPRVPN router app. Firmware version is tomato-R7000-ARM–138-AIO-64K.trx.

The internet connection is interrupted as soon as I connect to vyprvpn on the router. I press “Connect” and I lose

I did install vyprvpn on a Asus router previously and everything worked fine.

Hey @reno,

No worries. Thanks for getting back to us. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Though, I wanted to clarify exactly what you mean since you state your Apple TV is still working.

Can you please elaborate on what is exactly happening when you ‘Connect’ with VyprVPN in the router?

Do you actually see your Wi-Fi network disappear from your list of available networks?

Or are you still connected to your Wi-FI, but you are just having issues accessing certain sites or services?

If the latter is the case, can you state what sites and services are not working for you?

In addition to that information, I would recommend trying different connection protocols. You will see this option on the connection screen. Please see if the issue persists when change the protocol.

Thank you in advance for this information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Customer Support

Thank you for your support. I’m able to connect to all of the protocols.

Default Device Settings is set to “Bypass VPN”.
(I don’t want the VPN to work on certain devices such as my laptop.)

Connected devices:
Apple TV - VPN Preferred
Chromecast - VPN Preferred
Iphone - Bypass VPN
Macbook Pro - Bypass VPN

Everything that is on Bypass VPN mode (or Default) cannot connect to the Internet when VYPRVPN is activated on the router. I’m mostly testing on PPTP protocol.

Internet connection works fine on the macbook, once I change the mode to VPN Preferred.

I have no clue what could be the problem. Thanks for your help once again.


Thanks for clarifying. I apologize for the trouble you’ve experienced here. The “Bypass VPN” issue you are experiencing is a known bug introduced with Shibby’s “multiwan” feature that our developers have identified.

We have submitted a bug report with them labeled as Issue #2098 on Shibby’s end. They have not provided us with any response or updates at this time.

The ticket we have submitted with them is publicly visible at the following URL if you would like to review this as well:


Please let us know if you have any further questions!

Customer Support

I see… Can’t access tomato.groov.pl. Strange… I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Thank you!


The bugerator page is empty. Do you know what is going on with this bug ?

Is this bug (bypass vpn) happening on all routers or only Netgear R7000 ?


Hello @reno,

The site may be down or there may be some other issue. We will check into it to ensure they are still tracking the bug. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.


Where is the bug report you had submitted?


Is it a bug that only happen with this particular router? (Netgear R7000)


Thank you for your patience. It appears Shibby’s website is not displaying their bug information properly. However, we will keep track of the issue on our end and will provide any updates when we have more information in the future.

This issue is not specific to a particular router. The issue lies with Shibby’s “multi-wan” feature which is present in v132 builds and higher.

Customer Support

I am having this same issue. I installed your app in my iphone7 and added my wifi network to the trusted list. Then, as soon as i click on connect the wifi on my phone goes off. I am roaming so i cannot test over cellular, where I am it is £3/MB😒 I was told your app could be one of the VPNs that still works with Netflix, that was my motivation, but …

By the way my ios version is 10.1 (14B72C) and your app version is

Hello @Miguel,

To clarify, this thread is in regards to using VyprVPN on a router. Please contact our support team for assistance at https://www.goldenfrog.com/support/

We should be able to assist you there!