Will there be per-app connection on Windows?

I would like to have per-app connection on Windows.
Is it in your future plan for update?

The connection speed is sufficient for most use case, but there’s seldom occasions that I would like to have faster speed and better responsiveness over anonymity.

I use per-app feature in Android very handy.
I would like to have it on Windows too.


Hey there!

At present there aren’t any plans in action for a per-app connection on the Windows app. However, that is greatly appreciated feedback! Thank you for your interest and I’ll pass word along to our devs!

John. Thank you for quick reply.

Hope your DEVs will consider it seriously.

Currently, I have to boot up the desktop app, forward entire connection to your server to enable anonymous connection for a single app.
Other apps are also forwarded to VPN server inevitably and sometimes they have difficulty with browsing web pages that don’t allow you to connect from foreign IP addresses.

This would be very specific to my environment and use case though.

Don’t know how much but it also might contribute to unload your server a bit by not letting unnecessary apps eat up the bandwidth.