Windows 10 + VyprVPN (OpenVPN) + tracert not showing first hop


I have observed that tracert shows the first hop as unknown when connecting to a VyprVPN server using the OpenVPN protocol, while using IKEv2 the output of tracert is complete, including the first hop. Is this behavior due to the nature of OpenVPN, or a problem in the VyprVPN app?

My system is Windows 10 Pro 1909 64bits, VyprVPN app is version; I have tested with version and the behavior is the same.

Thanks for your support.

Hey @fetido

Thanks for reaching out to us, yes that behavior due to the nature of OpenVPN, and not an issue with the VyprVPN application. Glad to hear that you are using the latest version of VyprVPN. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us here:


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