WireGuard official client or manual setup

I just bought GF 2 years plan because of WireGuard implementation.

  • I used the Wiregurad App on MacOS before, the official one. Works like a charm. Can close and open my macbook, and the connection (re-)connects within 2 to 3 seconds.

When using the VyprVPN client with (wireguard protocol), the connections time ist way longer (up to 10 seconds), and when closing and opening the Macbook again, the connection is lost, the Vypr Client doesn’t recognize it. I have to manually stop and start the vypr client, which takes more than 2 minutes. This is crap, really.
Reproduced it on 2 Macbooks (Air and pro). Latest MacOS, latest Vypr-Client.

SOLUTION: I want to use the official WireGuard client (or CLI based). Please enable your customers to use the full potential of WireGuard and allow manuel installation (generating config files), like all the other VPN providers do.

(Please. Do not argue, do not ask questions about my setup, do not try to distract from the topic. Just implement it).


Hey @CarstenFawler

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this issue. We’re focused on getting WireGuard up and running well on our desktop and mobile applications, and are evaluating implementing manual or router configurations in the future.
We have no ETA on when those will be implemented. Rest assured we will make that announcement once we do.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

I second this.

I switched to another VPN provider that supports the official Wireguard client.

(still 20 months left on vypr account, I dont care. I guess I am the best customer goldenfrog could imagine: paying the service and not using it ;-), lol)

I’ll be back in a year or so to check if the client works better)

We want you to use our service! But, if another provider allows you to operate in a way that works better for you or that you’re more comfortable with, I understand.

I hope that you’ll be pleased with our Wireguard performance next time you review our service!

@Daniel_G: Your newsletter re Wireguard asked we to use the latest version of VyprVPN. Good. Yet, it is still an experimental protocol - I do understand.

Yes, and many other users in my area ran into connection issue (host resolving issue due to (? - your dev group should know that thing) & some server connected then disconnected soon, maybe) 2 days ago (Ash commented), and your support member Ash responded that:

Wireguard is a newly introduced protocol and the Wireguard protocol is not optimized for use in a censorship country such as XXX. I would recommend you to continue using Chameleon protocol to check if this resolves the issue you have been experiencing.

And yes, using Chameleon (with limited servers) is a workaround. Again, somehow, it’s not acceptable. Then would your Dev team fix this issue ASAP?!
Again, I said in the original LiveChat (LC), I do not like the standard troubleshooting routines. And your Ash sent it back later. And, I asked Ash to forward our conversation to some advanced dev member. Seems that he/she did not do that as promised in the LC - as I did not get any advanced troubleshooting tips.

Not to be offended: is the Bro. One still monitoring this forum? Why did your team create Chameleon? And why did your guys@ phmgmt dot com send the news re Wireguard to ALL of your users when it comes to “censorship country”?

Similarly, users in censorship countries also matter, right?

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Upd: it’s apparently yet another web event re Wireguard & Personally, I hate the slower & not stable connection in your app NOW when the user enjoyed high speed (way).
Somehow, is the weakness when it comes to country-level censorship. And it, somehow, too explains host not resolving issue. I am not alone, your brand either.

Have your engineers read this thread or the recent comments from me? Plz PM me directly if you can. NOT level 1 & 2 support members.


UPD: WG connection issue persists in for Win10, in my area.

I’m having the same problems with the wireguard protocol on my macbook running VyprVPN Once the MacOS system goes to sleep, the connection is lost and I have to shut down the VyprVPN app and restart it.