World of Warcraft do not work

I can not log in into the game using VyprVPN another game working well. Any solutions?
I need the solution because sometimes I buy wow gold and I need to change IP for security reason. I really like to play wow because this is great MMORPG. I do not have to much time for wow gold farming but I want to stay on the top level with the best gear. If somebody is looking for rarest mounts in wow I can recommend this site.

Hello @sziszu,

Sorry to hear about the trouble there playing WoW when connected with VyprVPN.

To attempt to resolve this issue, you can disconnect and reconnect to VyprVPN to obtain a new IP that may not be blocked. Alternatively, you can try connecting to another server location. If you continue to experience this issue, we suggest that you contact WoW support for further assistance.