Xfinity wifi

When connection to the VPN is active I can’t use the public xfinity wifi network around town. When it is off it works fine. I have tried normal and Chameleon and OpenVPN protocols.

Hey @MikeDemo!

I see that you are having some issues browsing well connected to VyprVPN on a Public WiFi connection, Is that correct?

If so, there are a few things you can test to see were this issue may be. First you will want to connect to the VPN, and see if you are able to reach websites by their IP addresses rather than their host DNS name? For example, connect to the VPN and try connecting to in the browser (

Being able to reach sites by IP you will then want to flush the devices DNS and see if the issue persist with the domain names. On an android device this can be done by simply turning on and off the Airplane mode or restarting the device.

If the issue persists after attempting a DNS flush you can access the VyprVPN settings and Try a third party DNS server. I have provided a number of free DNS services:


Comodo Secure DNS

OpenDNS Home



DNS Advantage


Norton ConnectSafe

Please get back to us if this issue persists, and remember that technical support is available 24/7 including holidays.


Golden Frog Support

The issue is only on the Xfinity WiFi hotespots I have tried manual connection and the app and it connects but does not get a IP. Trying to connect to a site via IP is also no dice. The Xfinity WiFi works fine with your service off and your service works fine on Cell Data and my home wifi network.

I tried talking with chat support and tested a bunch of things but the agent did not seem to understand Xfinity WiFi hotspots are in cafes, hotels and businesses like Starbucks. He kept saying Starbucks in not a hotspot but, it is.

If I can’t connect on the largest free wifi service in my city your service does not make much sense for me.


I apologize for the confusion related to the public WiFi/hotspot.

As I see you have an active ticket we are working with you on I have replied to that ticket.

If you have any other questions or concerns please reply to that ticket.

Again thank you for your time,

Golden Frog Support